Getting from Lost to Found

So one thing that I’ve realised on this trip is that:

1) I don’t really want to move back to the UK. I feel like it’s time to move on

2) I really don’t mind what I do but I would prefer to work online so I have the freedom to move around.

With a job background in media planning/marketing and data analysis, I am currently looking into different avenues of how to get set up.

a) Get freelance digital marketing jobs online.

b) Set up a successful content site to work as an affiliate

c) Apply for teaching English online

d) Decide where I want to move and try and apply for a static job there

It’s not the first time I’ve considered it but it’s always seemed hard to make into reality, partly because I’ve not done enough to commit to it. Travelling in the past six months has shown me that I have what it takes to be successful and I have a good logical, business brain. Lack of confidence has been a large factor in my hesitation and failure to commit in the past. It’s time to knuckle down.


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