Countdown to HK – T minus 12 hours

So I’m off to Hong Kong again tonight. I usually go back once every two years to visit family and this time is no exception. The differences this time with going back are:

  • I’m going back during Chinese New Year
  • My best friend G is accompanying me

Both of which makes this an outstanding trip.

You know how you can live in a city and not do any of the tourist activities because you live there and you don’t want to be seen dead within a five mile radius of a tourist attraction? Well that also happens if you go back to your motherland with a regular(ish) frequency. I have done some touristy things in past trips but definitely not since passing mid-teens. It was definitely a smart choice inviting G along with me. Her enthusiasm and thirst for historical and cultural sights is infectious and our itinerary is looking pretty fantastic.

Plus, it is always useful to know someone who lives abroad from you that can visit and inadvertently take advantage of as a tour guide/ host. In this case, that would be my parents.

Expect more posts as to what we get up to!


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