Hong Kong Exploring: day 1

5/2 Friday
10:00 Leave home
10:30 Lam tsuen
11:30 Temple tai po
12:00 lunch at tai wan, 
13:30 star ferry,
14:00 pick up at central
14:30 aberdeen, jumbo,
15:15 pick up at WCH
15:30 Repulse bay,
16:00 chung hom kok,
16:30 Stanley
18:00 Dinner buffet at CWB
20:00 peak.

That was my dad’s proposed itinerary to me over whatsapp. Bearing in mind G and I both landed in HK with a stinking cold, I thought he was being a bit ambitious. We did it though. It’s amazing how much more you can see when you get round in a car – once you get over the appalling driving in HK.

The star ferry was a good highlight as a cheap way to experience the waters that surrounds HK as one of the routes runs between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central. The journey is about 10 minutes long and costs just $2.5 (~£0.21).


View from the Star Ferry enroute to Central

Another must see is to go up to the Victoria peak which you can get to via the vernacular but the queues for it are usually rather off-putting. Once up though you’ll be treated to stunning views from the highest point overlooking the city. This is particularly stunning at night as the skyscrapers put on amazing light displays that light up the horizons.


HK night sights from Victoria Peak

One of the most chilled out places we went to was Repulse Bay. This is one of the more westernized areas but this means you get a lot of amazing bars and restaurants with doors that open to a beach view. It is super popular in the summer as it’s accessible by public transport (majority of HK locals don’t own cars) but in Feb-April it is a lovely break from the craziness of central HK.


Repulse bay

Those are probably my highlights of the day. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I’m currently writing on my phone so don’t have access to the ones on my DSLR. I promise I will post a post of the highlights from my reel when I get back to England.


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